Near our apartments you can find

Many important ancient monuments, breathtaking sights, beautiful towns and crystal clear beaches are within a stone's throw of our family apartments.


Argos is a city of the Peloponnese and is considered to be the oldest city in Europe due to the existence of many archaeological monuments dating back to the Late Bronze Age. Important sights in Argos are the Ancient Theater, with a capacity of 20,000 spectators, built in the 3rd century BC., the Ancient Agora, the Old Town Hall as well as the Archaeological and Byzantine Museum of Argos.


Nafplio is the capital of the Prefecture of Argolis and the main port of the eastern Peloponnese. A famous sightseeing of the city of Nafplio is the well-known Bourtzi, a small fort built on an island in the port and Palamidi, a Venetian fortress that dominates the city. Other interesting places in Nafplion are Acronafplia, the Archaeological Museum in Syntagma Square, the first House of Free Greeks as well as the department of the National Gallery, the Folklore and the War Museum. The whole city is a museum with buildings that spark the visitor's interest as well as beautiful scenic sights.


Athens is the capital of Greece. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, with its recorded history reaching 3200 BC. It is the largest city in Greece and the center of many cultural activities. The city of Athens is full of archaeological treasures and the visitor is invited to admire monuments of enormous historical value, culminating in the Acropolis and its museum, the Parthenon, Plaka, Lycabettus and countless beauties.


Epidaurus is a historic town of the prefecture of Argolis that flourished in ancient times. According to Mythology, Asklepios was born there. You can visit the impressive theater of Epidaurus with its famous acoustics as well as the museum.


Mycenae was an ancient city of Argolis. During the second millennium BC, Mycenae was one of the largest centers of Greek civilization, forming a strong military fortress. It is worth visiting the Acropolis of Mycenae, the vaulted tomb of Agamemnon and the museum.


Kefalari is a small village with a beautiful church built into a rock. Below flows Erasinos river. Very close to Kefalari is the Pyramid of Hellinikon that dates back to the 4th century BC. century.


Palamidi is a historic fortress in Nafplio, built in 1687 by the Venetians, with the beautiful view. Inside the castle you can find Kolokotroni's prison. There is also the legend of the 1000 stairs used to go to the castle, which became 999, after Kolokotronis broke one with his horse.


The enchanting Bourtzi that dominates the sea in front of the port of Nafplio was built by the Venetians who used it as a fortress. One can easily reach by boat from the port of Nafplion.

Kite Surf

Kite Surf, the summer sport with its characteristic parachute and small board. In the area of Nea Kios there is a school for those who want to master the great waves favored by the area's winds.


In every corner of you can find beaches and in close distance from our apartments you will find amazing beaches for all tastes. Apart from the following beaches, which are the most well-known in the area, there are others on the way to Astros and on the other side after Tolo. Let's look at the closest beaches on our accommodation.


The beach of our village is a relatively quiet beach. It is organized and has facilities for swimmers such as umbrellas, showers, locker rooms and waste baskets. Mili Beach consists of fine pebbles, and the bottom of the sea from sand. You will find taverns and cafes. There is also a second beach next from the port of Mili, with deeper water and rocky bottom. In addition, there are many swimmers who prefer swimming in the outfall of Lake Lerna, where the waters are much deeper and far frozen.


Medium sized organized beach, with a small stone pebbles, behind the city of Nafplio in Akronafplia and just 10 minutes from the Myli.


Organized sandy beach with shallow water 5 minutes from Nafplion on the way to Palamidi. To swim in the waters of Karathona you can drive there, or alternate,walk on foot from Arvanitia, the so-called Arvanitia's path.


Sandy beach with very fine sand and shallow water. Along the beach you will find cafes, taverns, sun loungers to rent and of course activities like water sports, scuba diving, e.t.c.


Organized beach with sun loungers and umbrellas with great popularity during the summer months. Along the beach you will find cafes and tavernas.